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If you’re an individual who expects immediate satisfaction and have the confidence and resources to escape from the ordinary whenever you desire, then we’d like to introduce you to a new level of freedom and excitement that directly appeals to what’s fundamental to your lifestyle…to pilot your dreams and become … Above the Ordinary.

Even if you’ve never flown, there are training options available to fit your personal needs. Provided you have the desire and the will to make it happen, we’ll help you realize a new dimension of freedom and elevated lifestyle that only a few ever experience.

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Why Fly?

While rationalizing all the reasons why flying or aircraft ownership is worthwhile may help with your decision process, it’s truly a waste of time.  Primarily because, in spite of the obvious benefits such as managing your own travel schedule, enjoying luxury vehicle performance and, perhaps the most important, being the envy of your peers… the bottom line reason to fly is pure, unvarnished fun! That pleasure, when combined with the speed, control, prestige of flight all add up to entering a realm of ultimate freedom and excitement few mortals ever achieve; a realm where you literally pilot your dreams.

So, why fly?

Because, once you’ve experienced it, the only possible answer is …why not?


Pre-Flight Familiarization

If the prospect of becoming a pilot has created questions that you’d like answers to before committing to the process, we offer qualified individuals who will gladly discuss the fundamentals as well as the exhilarating opportunities a pilot’s license provides. Simply contact us and we’ll connect you with a mentor who will promptly answer your questions and help guide you to the right path for you.

Cleared for Takeoff

Once you’ve made your decision to take the plunge, there are a few more choices to make that will make your journey into flight both rewarding and fulfilling. Finding the right instruction program suitable for your situation makes all the difference.  We’re here to help. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable learning in your own aircraft, at your pace. That’s very doable and more common than you may think. In any event, be sure to explore all the instruction and aircraft ownership options available from the participating flight training center close to you.

Cleared Direct to Adventure

For those who have earned their basic wings, there’s always the option of enhancing their pilot proficiency by gaining additional ratings to build your skills and maximize the capability of your aircraft. A pilot license is your first class ticket for a flight away from the ordinary. 

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